DLTAPP12 - Blinds Automations. Ex.2

Example of rolling shutter automation with local, group and RADIO CONTROL commands

remote controlS

With the RA626 and RA649 devices it is possible to control the group of control units for rolling shutters using RADIO CONTROL.

By pressing keys 1 and 2 of the RA626 remote control the 2 relays of the RA649 receiver will be activated respectively, which will give the command to open and close all the shutters.

The other 2 keys of the radio control can be used to open other devices such as gate / overhead door / courtesy light….

It is important to respect the Phase and Neutral position in the power supply terminals of each control unit.

Each fuse must be adequate for the absorption of the motor, respecting the maximum limit of 2A of the control unit


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